Selected by R.O.O.M.


On Saturday, I also went to Selected by R.O.O.M. at PUB, since I just can’t stay away from the House doctor collection. It did not fail me. Beautiful home decor and furniture!


If you are looking for inspiring window shopping and pictures from Paris I can recommend the blog  by Theadora Brack.

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2 Responses to Selected by R.O.O.M.

  1. Theadora says:

    Whoa. What a great place ! The cabinets are fantastic. Did you score any treasures?! T. (And thanks for the super swell shout-out! I appreciate it.)

    • Maria says:

      You’re welcome! No not this time, but I have done some great shopping at R.O.O.M. and Selected by R.O.O.M. before. PUB is fab department store 🙂

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