All rooms need decoration

I find it a pity that the bathroom tends to be forgotten in a lot of homes. More styling can be done to this room than just by adding towels in different colors and patterns, and a nice smelling soap. After all, a lot of us spend plenty of time here; getting ready for important meetings, dates and freshening up for the day ahead. Therefore, I believe this room should be beautiful and inspiring. The bathroom can become more stylish, welcoming and homey by adding small personal touches.

Here are some decoration ideas from my own home. I wanted the decoration to match the grey tiles, but also added a little bit of pink.


Pallra boxes from Ikea for storage

I have shown pictures from my visit at Ikea and the Pallra boxes before, but then in yellow and black. I bought them in grey and pink, which now store my make up, hair brushes, medicine etc.

Candy bowls

Candy bowls by Lagerhaus

These glass bowls from Lagerhaus I believe are designed for candy. However, I use them for my q-tips, cotton balls and small hair pins.

Tooth brush holder & soap dispenser from PUB

Tooth brush holder & soap dispenser from PUB

I showed some photos from the department store P.U.B. before and that is where I found my tooth brush holder and soap dispenser after looking for several month. Can’t believe how difficult it was to find something in grey.

Make up mini collection by Kosta Boda & Vitriini by Iittala

Make up mini collection by Kosta Boda & Vitriini by Iittala

What would a girls bathroom be without some make up? In my case, the make up is in glass. Åsa Jungnelius has created the collection Make up for Kosta Boda. The lipstick and nail-polish come in different colors and two sizes. My lipstick and nail-polish are part of the mini collection in pearl/pink and was a housewarming gift from a dear friend. You can also find hotlips and a ring in the collection. Love it! 

I also have the small Vitriini box in glass from Iittala where I can display and keep my rings or other jewelry that I want to keep on hand for the next day. But of course, you can keep other little things in there which are dear to you. The Vitriini box also comes in different sizes and colors.

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