From outside to inside

Ikea Tärnö folding chair

Ikea Tärnö folding chair

I would like to share another before and after picture. When I moved into my new apartment my bar table and bar stools did not fit into the kitchen, so as a temporary solution I used two outdoor folding chairs and a half-moon table. The outdoor chairs I previously used on my balcony when I lived in the Netherlands and I bought the bistro set at Ikea in Delft. However, in my current apartment here in Stockholm I don’t have a balcony. There was only one issue, the wood chairs did not fit into my all black and white apartment, so I gave them a painting job.


I painted both the chairs and a half-moon table white, and with the black steel legs they fit perfectly into my interior.

Nowadays I have a proper dining table and wood chairs, but I have kept the outside bistro chairs. Today one is used as a desk chair and the other is in the hallway as a seat if I have tricky shoes to put on, or to throw my gloves or purse on.

The striped black and white chair pad/cushion is from Hemtex.


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2 Responses to From outside to inside

  1. Julianne says:

    I really love what you’ve done with these. And I’ve been searching for a seat cushion to fit these chairs but I don’t see the ones you used on Hemtex any longer. Would you mind telling me the dimensions of the cushion?

    Thank you!!

    • casadimia says:

      Dear Julianne, Thank you! I bought them 2 years ago so they probably don’t have these ones but perhaps similar ones. Seat cushions are 45×45 cm. Best of luck!

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