More ideas for bathroom décor


I know someone else that loves black & white details in the home décor, my mom. Here we make a visit to my parents new bathroom. It is all in black and white with the cerise and grey design for added color. My mother has an eye for details as you can see from the photos; everything from the wood ladder for the towels,  the black & white framed photo, to the orchid in the window matching perfectly in color.  By the mirror, you see the cute Japanese wood dolls, a perfume bottle and a silk toiletbag also with Japanese print details.

I find a lot of my inspiration from my mother, and it is wonderful to have a shared interest in interior design and  bonus that we like similar styles.  I can always find new interior design magazines when I walk over to my parents for a visit and often my mother point out ideas to me, or it turns out that we want to buy the same things.  Like this weekend, I saw a medical glass cabinet called Fabrikör which will be sold at Ikea from April. Turns out that mom already had her eye on the cabinet. You can see pictures on Pinterest,

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2 Responses to More ideas for bathroom décor

  1. Beautiful simplicity, and magenta contrast!!!!

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