Festive feathers


The birds are returning from southern latitudes and are singing outside my window, it is a nice way to wake up in the morning. I think they have been fooled though as the winter came back a couple of days ago. But, I suppose the spring feelings are starting to come even for the birds and they are getting ready for warmer days.

So why not find inspiration from them and bring the beauty of nature and the birds inside by using their feathers for decoration. Throughout the years feathers have been used to decorate hats, pens etc. and now we see them more for home decor as well. I am guessing the feathers have come back more since the owl became fashion. Now we also see other kinds of birds on fabrics, as porcelain and in other forms. Above feathers have been used in my parents home. Doesn’t it look festive with the feathers inside the glass dome and on the lampshade?


Furthermore, note the owl, bird and feather on these shelves. You can also see the “knitted” vases and flower-pot which I wrote about in the post “The knit and the owl”. I have also used a feather in my own home. The feather was found outside on the ground and I have placed it casually on top of  my first shoes.

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