Living room magic

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I have written earlier that my mother and I share the love for black & white interior but with a touch of other colors. Here you can see their living room which I find magical with all the details and beautiful things. The sofa with the chaise lounge is the perfect place to lay down and enjoy a great book or magazine. It comes from Mio.

A big plus is the big windows that let in so much light and makes it a joy to spend time in the room. Or why not enjoy the views of the country side nature and ocean outside the windows. This can easily be done in the corner in the Ikea armchair Storsele by Designer Carl Öjerstam. The wallpaper is with the classic female face, Lina Cavalieri’s face, and the drawings are by Piero Fornasetti. The wallpaper by Cole & Son goes under the name Tema e Variazioni. On the opposite wall there is a black & white striped wallpaper. It would have been a bit too much for the eye with all walls in Tema e Variazioni.

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On the wall a necklace has been framed. You can frame pretty much anything you like and this way you get a 3D dimension to the “picture”.


Pine trees and birch trees with blue skies and sun by the ocean makes a stunning panoramic vision.


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