Getting older

Getting older is nothing we can stop and last week I could add a number to my age. I got spoiled by my family and friends, and I am happy to say that I also got a few things for my home.

As you know from the post “More ideas for bathroom décor” I had Ikea’s glass-door cabinet, Fabrikör, on my wish list. I am thrilled to say that I got one from my parents for my birthday in the color dark grey. It has the old pharmacy look to it and perhaps fits best in the bathroom, but I have decided to keep it in the living room. Since Fabrikör is from Ikea, I had to put it together myself but it was no problem. I still have to decide on what I should have on display behind the glass-door though. I know what you might think, yes, I still have an old-fashioned stereo and DVD player, but I still use them from time to time. If you also have the cabinet on your list, you can find it here: I have given the link to the US webpage, but you can change whatever country suits you best.


I also got more mugs and plates for the porcelain I started collecting at Christmas. My collection is now almost complete. The porcelain is called Swedish Grace by Rörstrand. It is a classic from 1930 by designer Louise Adelborg. I have it in the colors Is (grey/blue) and Snö (white), but you can combine it in numerous combinations. The designer used the wheat-ear as inspiration for the pattern. The simplicity is elegant and pretty.


I also have to share this beautiful bouquet with flowers which now adds a nice smell and color to my living room.


Finally, I would like to wish my brother a very happy birthday! He turns 25 today, and I hope his birthday will be even nicer than mine was.

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