Taking advantage of the beautiful weather

Courtesy of Granit

Courtesy of Granit

Today I thought I would give you some ideas for those terraces, balconies or other spaces that are in between inside and outside. The sun is shining outside, the trees have green leaves again, birds are singing and flowers are growing in the ground. I for one want to take advantage of the wonderful weather. Now it is lovely to have BBQs in the evenings again and we spend more and more time outside, so then it is important that the outside spaces feel homey and cozy as well. Even if you don’t have a big garden you can do some gardening on your balcony or perhaps keep a few pots in the kitchen. Granit has some nice ideas for rosemary, parsley, tomatoes or flowers among other treats. Plus I think the photos are beautiful!

Courtesy of Granit

Courtesy of Granit

Why not keep some shelves on the wall or balcony railing, a table or bench to keep the pots on, or gardening box to plant weeds in. You can easily use old apple or fruit boxes or build something from pallets. I have found lots of ideas on Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/casadimia/how-to-use-pallets-in-different-ways/

Courtesy of Granit

Courtesy of Granit

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