Oh so blue


One of my favorite colors is blue. I like baby blue, navy etc. Yes, most versions of blue. Now during the summer you see the color everywhere due to its association with the sea, boats etc. It seems that every summer the white and blue strips are back clothing and deocroation for our homes. The houses get a marine and nautical themed look especially by the seaside. However, it is possible to decorate with blue without making it nautical.

The lamp shade and coasters above are by designer Josef Frank from Svenskt Tenn. In the photo below, on the table you can also see placemats with the same design. The flower-pot in blue glass Hortus is also by Svenskt Tenn, in my last post I also showed it in gold metal. http://www.svenskttenn.se/en-us/default.aspx The 3 small vases are by Design House Stockholm and called Trio Vase set and exist in different colors. http://www.designhousestockholm.com/


The two candle stick holders are by Swedish designer Mikaela Willers and the model is called Barock and the colors are jeans and blå. http://mikaelawillers.se/produkter/ These also come in a wide range of colors. Elegant!


The two vases above are so pretty and favorites, Hortensia. They look fantastic with or without flowers. The vases are by Danish Royal Copenhagen. http://www.royalcopenhagen.com

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