Field trip with work


Went I was in school I used to love those days we had field trips. It was exciting to break the normal schedule and to do something out of the ordinary. Yesterday we left the office and went on a little interior design “field trip”. We went to see the new exhibition “Home Sweet Home” at Liljevalchs art venue, Stockholm; after a lovely lunch at Blå Porten which we ate in the restaurant’s green garden, we entered a sweet home environment at the art venue.


The exhibition has been produced by Annica Kvint, Cilla Ramnek, Karin Södergren and Catherine von Hausswolff. They have transformed the art venue into a home with 12 rooms filled with furniture, textiles, art, crafts and so on. The exhibition has many of the iconic designs from our past. It was like entering an interior design magazine. Here are a few photos from the visit.


The iconic designs created by trendsetting designers range from the 1880s to the 1980s and some of these designs can still be bought and be seen in our homes today, such as Josef Frank for Svenskt Tenn. It shows that many of these designs are truly sustainable pieces. Other examples of what can be seen are the styles and concepts by Karin Larsson.  The Swede Karin Larsson has been a huge inspiration to a lot of the furniture, textile etc found at Ikea and were pictured in her husband Carl Larsson’s famous paintings. You can also find inspiration at the exhibition from Italian Piero Fornasetti and Finnish Alvar and Aino Aalto previously mentioned here in the blog among many others.


The exhibition brings you so many details to look at, lots of inspiration, and new ideas. It is an uplifting mix between old and newer pieces, and a blend of exciting patterns, forms and colors which is a joy to the eyes. I especially loved the enormous clothing hangers hanging on the walls with the beautiful fabrics.


To read more, visit their website or even better visit the exhibition yourself.


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