Mirror mirror on the wall…

Back at work after a few weeks in the sun. What an incredible summer we have had here in Stockholm. Warm weather and sunny every day. A shame for the grass and plants which are starting to look very dry but it has meant more swimming in the sea for me.

Have also had several visits from my old place of residence, the Netherlands. So lucky to have such great friends. We have had an amazing time! Tonight the next friend arrives  by motorcycle.

But back to interior design. Soon the Formex fair will take place here in Stockholm again. Can’t wait to see the new trends, colors and design. Exciting! So more coming up from the fair soon.

Mirrors are great decoration pieces which opens up the space and the room. A small space can feel so much bigger by having a mirror on the wall plus the reflection can give fun effects giving the impression that everything is double. And they help us looking our best. 🙂 The black one placed on my home-made shoe rack is from Mio.

Shoe rack

I especially like huge mirrors which are placed on the floor and are leaning against the wall. The trick is to not break the mirror. My sister and I had a rough time with the enormous mirror below. Try carrying that one up 3 flight of stairs if you can, puh! Fortunately we did not break it and therefore do not have to worry about 7 years of bad luck, or what is the saying? The silver frame gives the mirror a more luxurious feeling and fits perfectly with the gray walls and cabinet.


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