Lamps for when the darkness returns

The days are still long and sunny and now you hardly ever need to have the lamps lit, but in a few weeks or months the story will be different. I picked up a few ideas from my sister and brother-in-law when I visited them a few weeks ago. Love the variety and wide range of colors that you can find in their home. The apartment is fantastic with its old and traditional high ceilings, ceiling decor and beautiful windows. They are also lucky to live in the perfect location in the city, the street or avenue is so green due to the many trees next to the sidewalks. The apartment also is very spacious which will come in handy once their little girl and my niece arrives in 1,5 months time.


This fun and colorful lamp is recurring in the interior design magazines and can be found in their kitchen. It also exist in all white and is called LC Shutters by Danish designer. It can be found on 


In the hallway, they have chosen to have two pendant lamps without any lampshades. The cords have different patterns which can’t really been seen in this picture. These two are by NUD collection. However, there are several options of companies that produce these lamps. I wrote about the popular pendant lamp E27 in my post “Muuto-New Nordic”.


This gray lamp is by Ikea. Note the beautiful ceiling.

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