World famous catalog


The world’s most famous catalog is here again. This past week Ikea released the catalog for 2013 online. The printed version will most likely be found in our mailboxes and homes very soon. On Wednesday, I visited Ikea at Kungens Kurva in Stockholm with a friend which was the second store opened worldwide. It was built back in 1965, second only to the original one in Älmhult.

Some of the news for this year had been put into the store the day before. It is always exciting to see what designs will find their way into the homes of millions of people worldwide. Here are a few pictures of news which I liked.


The new glass cabinet in yellow is part of the new Stockholm Collection. I could not resist the yellow color. You can find more products and information about the collection here:


A few months ago I wrote about the boxes Pallra in pink, gray, black and yellow. But the boxes Kvarnvik, seen in front of the black table above, I believe will also be a best seller. Also seen in the photo, on the left, are the fabulous paper decorations Visionär. Perfect for birthday parties, baby showers or to give your house a festive look in pastels. Visionär comes in a range of sizes, colors and shapes.

Snika, boxes in steel, are fanastic and would work perfectly together with my glass cabinet Fabrikör. I did not get a picture of the boxes but please find them, here:

Right now Formex is taking place in Stockholm and updates and pictures from the interior design fair will follow soon.

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