Welcome to the zoo


Today we are visiting my sisters. Perhaps you saw the last post with the different animal prints and products by Zara Home. Visiting my sisters we also see inspiration from the animal kingdom and Africa. After a visit in South Africa one of my younger sister came home with this fantastic Zebra and an ostrich egg. At least I believe it is an empty ostrich egg, but it could be from another bird. Beautiful features to have as decoration in your home.


To have the different animals in the apartments are also an excellent way for my little nephew and niece to learn about different animals when that day comes. A popular toy for both of them is the giraffe Sophie. It was a colleague who told me about Sophie since his little girl loves the giraffe, and now she has became a hit with my dear little darlings as well. Perfect when they will start to get teeth. http://sophiethegiraffe.com/


My brother gave my nephew and niece these adorable stuffed animals by Züny recently. So cute and very popular at the moment. You can find them in most design shops at the moment here in Stockholm. They are not meant as toys, but as book support, doorstop, paperweight or decorative ornament. You pick the purpose and which animal is your favorite on this website. http://www.zuny.info/news.php



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