Better late than never

This past week I finally got my new rugs for the kitchen and the living room. I had counted down the days as I was excited to see the result, but I ended up getting them a few weeks late. But, better late than never isn’t that what you say and now they are part of my interior and I am happy with the result.

bild 2 (6)

The rag rug in the kitchen is made out of black recycled leather and comes from Granit. Perfect fit for my black wooded floors and white walls. It also exist in a beige color. It can be found here:

bild 1 (7)

For the living room I have picked a more cozy hand weaved rug in 100% wool called Larvik by the Swedish furniture company Mio. It is in black and white but gives a gray appearance. It has a discreet check pattern which gives the rug some depth. The rug exist in several colors and sizes. Basically it is like an enormous and thick blanket, and perfect to play with little my little niece and nephew on. Lovisa was sitting on it, twisting around on it and was attempting to crawl on it yesterday. Great accomplishment for my niece who is only 4,5 months. To find out more about the rug, please visit

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