Welcome to casa di mia! Casa di mia is a blog about interior design and home decor. I’m Maria also called Mia thereby the name of the blog. I have always been interested in fashion and interior design, but I started getting more interested in interior design by working at the Formex fairs in Stockholm. My interest grew further by buying my new apartment. I did not want my apartment to look like everyone else’s and therefore I painted my old furniture and redesigned my new pieces mostly in black and white. I have also so far created my own shoe rack, paintings and hopefully there will be more to come.

My blog aim to inspire through pictures of interior design and fashion from my own home, but also through tips and ideas from visiting different sites, other people’s homes, fairs, and window shopping. I aim to write posts about Nordic design foremost, but there are exceptions.

So far the blog has had readers in 94
countries which reflects my very international background. Well, it is not that international perhaps, but I will do my best to visit as many countries as possible during my lifetime. I am born in Sweden but have lived, worked and studied abroad for 16,5 years in 6 countries which has influenced my style. I have a MBA in Marketing Management and many years of working for different international fashion and interior design brands behind me.

All content is the copyright © material of Maria Engström. All rights reserved. All photos are taken by me unless otherwise specified. Please contact me on (e-mail) if you wish to use any of the content on the blog for commercial purposes.

2 Responses to About

  1. JOhan Berhin says:

    Dear journalist,

    Thank you for coming by our stand at Stockholm Furniture Fair today!

    Here as promised a quick link to our news and presskit from the fair:

    Do not hesitate to ask me if you miss anything!

    Best regards

    /Johan Berhin, designer & founder

    Green Furniture Sweden

    tel +46-(0)40-600 93 30


  2. Maria says:

    Hi Johan,
    Thank you! I will go through the photos etc. in the next coming days and will make sure to write a post about your amazing “tree”. I will be in contact if I have questions. Have a nice evening!
    Best regards

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