Shopping for the bathroom


Yesterday I went for a bit of shopping and found some goodies for by bathroom. I already have a soap dispenser for liquid soap and cup for the toothbrush, but yesterday I also found a soap dish from the same collection by Lindform Sweden. It matches perfectly! I have some bar soaps from Nesti Dante in the Chic Animalier line which lasts forever so it’s great.


I also got a vase by House Doctor in gray and pink. Looks wonderful with these pussy willows I think. They are like soft little teddies. I think the vase will look so pretty with cherry blossoms as well.


I got both at NK Classic Home at the luxury department store Nordiska Kompaniet or NK. NK is the most exclusive department store in Stockholm, Sweden. They had decorated the whole department store so beautifully with spring flowers. The spring feelings are getting stronger for sure.

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Better late than never

This past week I finally got my new rugs for the kitchen and the living room. I had counted down the days as I was excited to see the result, but I ended up getting them a few weeks late. But, better late than never isn’t that what you say and now they are part of my interior and I am happy with the result.

bild 2 (6)

The rag rug in the kitchen is made out of black recycled leather and comes from Granit. Perfect fit for my black wooded floors and white walls. It also exist in a beige color. It can be found here:

bild 1 (7)

For the living room I have picked a more cozy hand weaved rug in 100% wool called Larvik by the Swedish furniture company Mio. It is in black and white but gives a gray appearance. It has a discreet check pattern which gives the rug some depth. The rug exist in several colors and sizes. Basically it is like an enormous and thick blanket, and perfect to play with little my little niece and nephew on. Lovisa was sitting on it, twisting around on it and was attempting to crawl on it yesterday. Great accomplishment for my niece who is only 4,5 months. To find out more about the rug, please visit

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Gray is the color

bild 1 (5)

If you have followed my blog you know that I am a big fan of the Danish brand House Doctor and at Formex Spring 2014 I made no exception, I made a visit to see their exhibition. They did not fail me this time either, and I found several nice interior design pieces that would make any home look fantastic. I already have a medical cabinet/glass door cabinet in gray so I probably will not get this one, but it does not mean that I don’t think it is fab. Lovely don’t you think?

bild 1 (6)  

I am not sure what it is with me and vases at the moment but I think these gray ones are great. Different shapes, sizes and forms to decorate the home with or without flowers. Why not put wallpaper rolls in it like here below?

bild 3 (2)bild 4 (1)
Longing for the heat, sun and summer, here you can find some inspiration. Would love to read a book or interior design magazine in this sun bed with the shade from the enormous flowerpots.
 bild 2 (4)  

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On the hunt for new cushions

bild 3 (1)

So I am on the hunt for some new cushions again to decorate my new sofa. I have seen one from Missoni Home I am considering, but I also found some nice ones at Formex 2014 in the exhibition of PB Home. I have written about Swedish PB Home before in the post “Black & White” also that time after visiting the Formex fair. I guess the black and white details draw my attention, as my home has a black and white base with a few accent colors.

bild 1 (3)

I also love how they had put some tree branches in these vases. What a sweet way to bring spring into the house. And it already feels like spring outside. Crazy to say that in February here in Stockholm, but you actually can see the flower bulbs starting to come up, like crocus and snowdrops. We haven’t really had a winter this year at all. But, I guess it is not too late yet. Curious about their vases or cushions find out more here

bild 2 (3)

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Jewelry for the eyes

bild (15)bild 5

Georg Jensen is known for its beautiful jewelry, but for those of you that do not know the brand also has beautiful interior design pieces. They call the vases, candleholders and so on the Living collection. The Danish design company really does gorgious silver and stainless steel design.



The candle holders from the “Cobra” collection, above, already feel like a classic even though they were first introduced on the market in 2008. Can candle holders be sexy? Well, these voluptuous curves come close.

bild 4 bild 1 (2)

One of my dearest friends has a lot from the Georg Jensen Living Collection like the candle holder “Masterpieces” which you can see here below. Seeing the Georg Jensen exhibition made me think of her.



You can find a few examples here, but if you would like to find out more I suggest that you visit Georg Jensen’s website,

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Pick your favorite vase

bild 2 (1)

I had to visit the exhibition of Broste Copenhagen at the Formex fair. The Danish company has a new exciting collection and what stands out are the amazing vases. Take your pick, I would love the whole collection! Those spring flowers will look fantastic in the vases, but I also think they look great without any flowers on their own due to the wonderful shapes and designs. To find out more about where you can buy the vases, please visit their website.

bild 1 (1)

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Summer is coming


Summer is coming or at least the Indian Summer according to designer Jan Rundgren. “Indian Summer” is the name of the last trend prediction from the designer. So what is Indian Summer? Strong colors like yellow, orange and red. Gold is of course a must when you think of India as well.


The interior design details are playful and fun with an exotic touch. Animal-prints like the elephant is a common sight. Just picture a colorful Bollywood movie and you are on the right track. 


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Down to earth

Are you down to earth? In that case the third theme of the Formex fair will fit you perfectly.


“Down to Earth” by Jan Rundgren is just that, with this trend he looks to the landscape and nature both when it comes to the materials and colors. Traditional crafts, ecological materials and ethnic patterns. Stone, leather, paper etc are materials found within this trend.


Metals have been very popular and this trend does not seem to die down. Copper has been the main trend during the past seasons , but now gold and brass are taking over more and more.


The down to earth and back to the basics I personally think that we see more and more in other areas as well, the wood toys for kids are coming back, we buy more things secondhand, wood furniture, ecological food etc. It looks like the world perhaps is getting sick of the plastic and poisonous materials. Better for us and better for the nature.

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The day dreaming continues

bild (9)

There were 4 areas showing different trends in designer Jan Rundgren’s “Day Dream”. I have already written about “Deep Flow”, next in line is “Day Dream”.

bild (8)

“Day Dream” brings the viewer a chance to see what I refer to as baby colors or pastels might be the correct term. Pinks and violet in mate and kind of dirty tones with metal details.

bild (2)

Flowers, butterflies, “girly” skulls, glass, and linen brings romance and elegance to this day-dream and trend.

bild (3)

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Day dreams in the Trend Zone at Formex

I visited Formex 2014 last week and this time the theme was “Day Dream”. The designer Jan Rundgren had picked out the 4 main trends, colors and selected interior design pieces which gave the entrance hall at the fair a welcoming touch.

bild (7)

Here is a first look at some of the goodies from the first color card in blue tones “Deep Flow”. As you can see from the color board the tones are blue, turquoise and orange.

bild (4)

Blue always works so well during the summer when the nautical theme tends to come back every year.

bild (6)

Think about how you would picture a house by the sea with design in materials like ceramics, porcelain, glass and wood.

bild (5)

I liked this white jug in ceramic with the lovely flowers. It is by designer Mikaela Willers, who I have written about before. Find out more here: I will be back with more info about the other trends and photos from the fair soon.


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